In construction, a strong foundation is essential to creating a solid structure.   The more time and effort  that  is placed on building and secu ring that structure, the stronger it will be.  This is the same with Karate. Countless hours are devoted to learning proper techniques.  I have found that some students find this to be boring mundane and repetitive. They want to be able to do the fun stuff lik  e spar, jump kicks, do back flips, learn weapons and so on.  It is however important to note that while some of these things look cool and f  un, without the proper training they are useless and can result in injury.  Without learning how to execute and master the very basic techniques properly one can never really learn how to execute more advanced techniques effectively.  The repetition is necessary  to help develop that foundation that can later be built on ( more advanced technique).

Developing that foundation is important, but maintenance of that foundation is also important.  Once the movement is learned, then focus can be shifted to power and speed.  The older I get and the further along I go down this path of being a black belt/instructor, the more I realize the importance of techniquPicturee, speed and power. I try to put more emphasis in execution of my technique and pay attention to my stances.  These are the things that will help me continue and grow. These are the things that I attempt to emphasize in my training and teaching.  So I ask, how strong is your foundation???  How hard have you worked to reinforce that foundation??? This is the never ending process that I go through in my daily walk.