Summertime has been fun filled and relaxing  for many of us.  With that being said,  the new school year is right around the corner for many students in the area.  Some students have already started school on a modified schedule.  With that being said, there is no better time to get started with a good martial arts school than now.

Our quality programs provide structure, discipline and opportunities to work on developing healthy relationships. The pace and structure in our karate classes allow our students to be successful and teach them skills necessary to be successful throughout their school day.   Learning to control impulses in the dojo can lead to better impulse management in a school environment.   Positive interactions and engagement in class reinforce skills needed to interact with their peers in a healthy manner.  This also leads to a lower likelihood of being bullied.

Karate is not only a great extra curricular activity, but the positives learned in this environment extend well beyond the training facility. Our program is challenging and fun for children of all ages.  For more information or to get started today simply click here and fill out the form.  Do it today and start your first week for FREE.

Sensei Marvin Saint-Cyr
Bushiken Karate
3684 Capital Blvd
Raleigh NC 27604