People tend to think of Karate as a child’s activity.  This is usually attributed to the discipline aspect and confidence building.  It has been identified as a good anti-bullying solution.  While this is true, karate can benefit other groups as well.  Adults for example can reap many benefits from training in karate.  It can be started any stage in life, and really is geared towards any fitness level.   There really is no prerequisite of when you can start.  People in their 60’s-70’s have been seen training in many places and there are tremendous benefits that can be had when training as an adult

Workplace stress, home stress, traffic stress, emotional stress are some of the many stressors that adults face on any given day.   It has been identified that exercise can be a good stress reliever.   Time constraints, lack of consistent training partners, and sometimes not knowing where to begin are some things that impact the ability to get in a good workout.   Training in our karate school has many benefits.   Our many class times provide multiple opportunities to get in a good workout.   the structure of the classes not only focus and a variety of body parts, but also gives individuals a feel of personal training within a group setting.  Training in a group setting also provides a feeling of accountability towards a group.

Karate training is a total body workout.    More than just punching and kicking, karate training improves one’s overall cardiovascular conditioning, core strength, and muscle development in the shoulders, leg, arms and back (just to name a few areas).   Execution of various techniques require multiple muscle groups to engage at one time.  continued training improves reflexes and mobility and flexibility.    Many of our adults have expressed feeling stronger and feeling better after training with us for a while.  Training in karate has been beneficial in stress reduction especially as it relates to work and job burnout.  Due to the amount of cardio that is involved when practicing, it is also good for weight loss (when paired with proper nutrition).

Stop in and try a class today to see for yourself.  All skill levels and all fitness levels are welcome.  Remember everyone starts for free.  Click here and get started today.

Bushiken Karate, Saint-Cyr Dojo

3684 Capital Blvd

Raleigh NC, 27604