When people reach out to me and inquire about karate classes, it is usually for a child.  Karate in general has garnered a reputation as a child activity.    It is easy to see the benefits for children, as it can be a confidence builder, it helps with coordination, problem solving skills and teaches leadership skills and several other benefits.  There are also benefits for adults to consider when looking at karate.

A great workout

As we age, we find that there is less and less time to attend to the things that we need to do.  Exercise often becomes one of those expendable items.  We may start off with good intentions but fail to be consistent in our efforts.  Karate provides an opportunity to train in a group setting with a set start and stop time.   Karate is a full body workout.  The execution of even the simplest of techniques require the use of multiple body parts.

Therapeutic benefits

Many of our adults report feeling better after a training session.   The dojo can be a place of comfort; a stress-free zone.  Having a place like the dojo can provide individuals with a healthy outlet.  The activities associated with karate are connected to regulation of cortisol production and can reduce stress.  Mediation is also used in karate and provides opportunities to practice mindfulness and self-awareness.   Breathing techniques are also practiced in the dojo.  These techniques while used in one capacity are able to used in every day lives.

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