So one of my students tells me he can’t do something that was requested of him.  He then proceeds to give me reasons why.  I explain that CAN’T is something that I will not accept. 

I tell him “Don’t tell me what you can’t do, instead show me what you can do and lets take it from there”.  In the end, he completed the task and executed the technique very well.

It’s easy to find an excuse. In fact any excuse will do if you are looking for one.    We can make things so much bigger in our minds than they really are.   Learning to push through the doubt leads to increased self-confidence. These are skills that last a lifetime. Our classes help to develop those skills. 

The skills learned at Bushiken Karate extend far beyond the dojo floor. We have seen many of our kids take the lessons learned and apply them to school and other extra-curricular activities. Parents are remarking about how much of a difference they have seen in their kids since joining our program.

Click here to get more information and lets get started today.   Let us help your child develop the skills that they will need to carry them through.