Fear can be described as a human emotion triggered by a perceived threat.  It can sometimes be a motivator, but it is also a detriment.  Fear has been used to control people throughout history. There have been instances where people have described their fear as being paralyzing in that moment.  Every day we hear examples of how fear played a part in victimizing a person or situation.  Adverse reactions to fear can negatively impact our bodies in many ways. it can slow down bodily functions needed for survival, it can cause an increase in anxiety and lead to elevated heart rates.   It has also linked to PTSD and memory loss in certain situations.

Fear is no different when dealing with a conflict.  It can increase adrenaline which can be used to deal with the situation at hand (fight or flight response).  However, it can also have crippling effects.   For someone who is not used to conflict, getting attacked is traumatizing. it does not have to be though.   Bushiken Karate emphasizes the importance of practicing Jissen Kumite (Full Contact fighting).  Through this type of training, we gradually develop the capacity to receive impact (hits) without having the startle effect.   Our training regimen emphasizes body conditioning, helps students understand body mechanics and identify aggressive movements.  With better understanding and anticipation, students can strategize and utilize effective counter techniques.   By controlling the degree of fear in that moment, students are prepared to responsibly and effectively deal with a perceived threat.

It is always better to be prepared and not need to defend yourself, than to need to defend yourself and not be prepared. We train all ages and all stages. So whether you want to get in shape or sharpen your self defense skills, we have something for everyone. If you are in the Raleigh/Durham area and want some information, click here. You can also give us a call at 919-526-0503. Everyone starts for free, so there is nothing to lose.


(Sensei Marvin is a 4th Dan Bushiken Blackbelt and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

Full Contact Competition Canada 2001